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About - Bodybuilding is the development of muscles on your body usually through strength training. Eating the right food (Diet) and taking the right supplements (Nutrition) will also be a large factor in muscle development. Strength training can done using free weights or weight machines. The links below will connect you to information on bodybuilding.

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► Bodybuilding for Better Health  -  Using a bodybuilding workout regime has more benefits beyond the superficial ones. Increasing muscle mass helps you to manage your weight, become stronger, reduce stress, and encourage a healthy night's sleep. A bodybuilding workout proves beneficial for both men and women looking to live...

► Does Muscle Turn to Fat?  -  Do muscles turn to fat when you stop exercising? Some people think so – especially when they see the finely developed muscles of a weight lifter turn to mush once they let their health club membership expire. There’s little doubt that physiques undergo a noticeable decline when a person goes from gym rat to couch..

► How an Ectomorph Builds Muscle Mass  -  For ectomorphs, building muscle mass proves challenging. That's why ectomorphs are known in the weight lifting community as a "hard gainers." Weight gain doesn't come easily, so to build muscle mass on a body with a lean disposition requires discipline, determination, and some creativity.

► Protein Supplements  -  Protein is necessary for repairing and building muscle tissue.  Therefore, it stands to reason that anyone who is bodybuilding or working out could benefit from an increase in protein in his diet.  One of the best ways to increase protein intake is to include a protein supplement.  Another way is to increase the amount...

► Should You Use Dumbbells or Machines to Get in Shape?  -  Whether you want to build bulk or simply firm up, resistance training is the key to a more defined physique. There are a variety of ways to give your muscles a workout, but for most people the choice comes down to free weights vs. machines. Which gives better results?

► The Four Best supplements for bodybuilding  -  When you are bodybuilding, you often feel that you need all of the assistance you can get besides determination and a good gym. So bodybuilders look to diet, out of gym exercise, even mental attitude to gain an extra edge. Increasingly, they are also looking to supplements to help build...

►  The 5 Best Exercises for Chest Development  -  For a lot of guys who work out, the chest is essentially the holy grail of bodybuilding. It gives the appearance of strength and power, and is a must in any great physique. Here are some of the most effective exercises to build your pecs:

► Why High-Intensity Interval Training Is Better  -  At one time, fitness gurus would tell you to get the benefits of exercise you need to work out for 30 minutes or more. Then studies came along showing you can get a cardiovascular workout in as little as 10 minutes if you work out at a high intensity. That’s when high-intensity...

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