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8.0 EX Upright Bike

8.0 EX Upright Bike

Exercise Bikes


What makes the recumbent bike unique is that your hips and feet are at the same levels. This means less stress on back. You can push your back into the seat while holding the bars to bare down. The upright bike has the seat higher than the pedals which makes everything more compact and easier to get on and off bike. It does put a little more pressure on lower back because there is no backrest plus you’re leaning forward. The indoor cycle simulates the 10 speed bike you see on tours. Shaped similar to the upright bike but it doesn’t use the magnetic resistance that the other two bikes do. It you want to push yourself and ride like the pros this is the bike to do it.


  • Exercise bikes can give you a great cardio workout without the side effects like sore knees, joints and back because it is a non-weight bearing exercise.
  • Exercise Bikes are considered non-weight bearing exercise because most of your weight is getting supported by the seat.
  • Weight bearing exercises (Aerobics, Weight Lifting, Walking, Treadmills) you’re carrying your own weight and then some.
  • Both types of these exercises are good for you it’s just non-weight bearing exercises will produce less strain on the body.

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