Strength Tree


February 19, 2017

Q. Who is

A. Strength Tree is owned and operated by a single entity who wants web users to have direct access to Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness information and products.

Q. If asked, do you give out health advice?

A. No, best to ask your health care provider.

Q. Who Writes your Articles?

A. They are either experts on the subject, educated people who have researched the topic before writing (hopefully) or someone writing from personal experience.

Q. Where do you get your Articles from?

A. Constant Content.

Q. Do you Read the Articles before publishing them?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you endorse these Articles?

ANo, even though these articles have been checked over by “Constant Content” we don’t endorse them at this time. 

Have any more questions on this please read Third Party Content on Terms of Use page.

Q. Can I write Articles for your Website?

A. No, best thing to do is join a website like "Constant Content" because they do all the back checking on the writers and their articles before putting them up for sale.

Q. Does Strength Tree write some of its own Articles?

A. Yes, just look at the top of the page to see who wrote the article.

Q. Why is there no Buy Button or Price connected to the Products?

A. There are buy buttons on this site is just they will connect you to the Advertisers site where you will buy the product if wanted. The Sale, Shipping, Handling, Warranty, etc. is handled by the Advertiser. Just click on the product, button or text link and you will be taken to their website to complete the transaction.

Q. How do you make Money?

A. We get a commission every time a product is sold.

Q. Why don’t you sell your own products?

A. This site was set up to publish the most relevant health and fitness information (articles) as possible. This way we don’t have to handle the shipping, receiving or manufacturing of our own products at this time.

Q. Why don’t you carry all Fitness Products?

A. We just want to carry the best fitness products that are known to work like Treadmills, Elliptical Trainers, Exercise Bikes and Home Gyms.


Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness

Note: Articles not intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent Diseases.